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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  September 7, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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today marks the important of week for the obama administration. and expect traffic to build throughout the day, as people head home from the long labor day weekend. >> reporter: if you are sitting at home and you don't feel like getting up and going out to a parade today, because, hey, it's bor day. you don't have to leave home, we will bring you one.
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we will have a live report for you. "news4 midday" starts now. good morning to you and welcome to "news4 midday." i am joe krebs. >> i am kimberly suitors in for barbara harrison. it's september 7th, 2009. it's time for another cookout or a trip to the beach, perhaps. >> some people are marking the occasion closer to home. news4's tracee wilkins have been out enjoying the sights and sounds, and joining us live. >> reporter: let me show you first of all the crowd. this is such a huge parade. every year you have tons of year that come out from the community here to hangout and enjoy what they do here in ngington. they do a lot. and let me show you what some of the folks do with the parade.
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it started at 10:00 a.m. i am afraid, if you are not down here already you may not get down here in time, because it will end in about an hour and a half. local high school bands and cheer leaders and dance groups and martial arts teams, and antique cars, you name it, they have had it all morning long. we are here near the end of the parade route actually. they were going past the grandstand. what they do here, after the parade is over with, they go and hangout and buy stuff from the venders. that's located over there behind the safeway office. if you like an old-town feel to your labor day, and you have not had an opportunity to get out, you can come down later on and hangout and participate in that. let me tell you, it has been so much fun out here today. people have been enjoying
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themselves, and getting their chairs along the road here and watching as it goes by. this is what you do on labor day. this is what you call a fun labor day. i am tracee wilkins live this morning. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> it's all about celebration. thank you. we have breaking news now out of the new jersey. a police chase on the new jersey turnpike has come to an end. police were trying to chase this toyota camry. the people inside seemed to be throwing out drugs out the car windows. poli swarmed the driver as he tried to get out. they arrested him along with a female passenger. expect plenty of company on the roads today. aaa predicts 800,000 people in our area travelled 50 miles or
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moreover the weekend, and that's down from last year. and still enough to cause traffic problems. and labor day falls later this year and many children are already in school. even though many people are heading out, they could expect a crunch out there on the roadways. and things will be especially bad tomorrow, which some call terrible traffic tuesday, the annual day after labor y, time to head back to work and school for just about everyone. and three stations remain closed this weekend. all on the blue and yellow lanes. metro is undergoing a complete track over haul. and customers should allow 45 extra minutes for your travel. the stations will reopen tomorrow morning, hopefully, at 5:00. it was lovely outside.
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sunny, hot, and a nice breeze. looking outside right now, a few clouds in the area. >> a cloudy day for this labor day. let's find out for sure with tom kierein. >> no rain yet. as we look at the radar, rain over the southeastern parts of the eastern shore. the beaches are getting light rain right now. there is a few sprinkles right around ocean city. further to the south, steadier, heavier rain around southeastern virginia and the outer banks. our region, we have been holding steady all morning long. 69 in washington. on the eastern shore, where they are getting a few sprinkles. it's 70 degrees. and they are getting steady rain around there. and this area of rain that just now is moving into the southeast end of virginia is taking a turn off the north and west and may move up towards the metro area by later this afternoon. for the rest of the afternoon, mostly cloudy and a greater
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chance of showers, mainly south and east of washington, the metro area, through midafternoon, and then my late afternoon and evening, it looks like we have a like lalihood of passing shows. cooler than average into tonight. maybe a few showers around getting back to school and work tomorrow, too. we will take a look at the forecast for the next of the workweek and the peek at the weekend, and we will see what the beach looks like too, coming up in a few minutes. stay tuned. you wonder if the rain later tonight will impact traffic coming home. >> let's see what is happening now with midday traffic. we will start with a look at the american legion bridge. heading towards you is leading into maryland from virginia. there is nobody in the two left lanes. emergency roadwork on the inner loop on the legion bridge.
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two left lanes are blocked. and there is a backup as you head up the toll road. in the other direction, everything is moving well. not too bad on 95 north or southbound. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, steve. it's unclear why a man's suv went into a building in washington, d.c. it happened this morning. the driver was taken to the hospital but is expected to be all right. there was not any damage to the building. the same cannot be said for the vehicle involved or the fence you see beside the building. vandals damaged automated speed cameras 30 times since they were instuld in 2007. the vandals have used mostly spray paint, and they scratched lenses and stolen camera equipment. beginning october 1st, cameras will be used statewide in work
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zones and school zones. bear pause, and not human feet wer found police sayrihe police say the remains looked like human feet at first, but they were bear pause that had been skinned and declawed. more bear parts were found in the waterway. it was being investigated as a homicide at first thinking the remains might be human. now, a firsthand account of a horrifying ordeal. two men hit by a car and dragged down the road and left for dead. one of them is telling their story through an interpreter. isshe making a plea for the driver responsible to come forward. darcy spencer has the story. >> translator: i feel a little bit better, but i am still in a lot of plane. >> reporter: 22-yr-old estellea has stitches in her head and a broken pelvis and
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cuts and bruises from head to toe. >> translator: my legs are swollen, and that's one of the reasons i am having a hard time walking. >> reporter: she is now home after being struck and dragged by a driver last weekend. >> translator: i remember that i felt the impact and i fell and i flipped on the pavement many, sh>> >> r iort ter:tuwawasa rdaysa a week ago, she and her friend, were walking across capital view avenue in silver spring in a crosswalk when they were both hit and dragged. >> translator: i just want to think positively, and i want to get better as soon as i can. >> reporter: this grill is the only piece of evidence left behind. police believe it's left from a black toyota 4-runner. police are looking for a driver.
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luis is the husband of thrde otr th awithe htapi b ro with a broken leg and pelvis, and has not been able to see her 2 and 4-year-old children. >> translator: she is very sad and been crying and misses them very, very much. and the cldren have been crying and they are very upset because they want to see their mom. i just feel very bad for her because she is -- i know she is suffering a lot. i am here at home, and she i s noat home withen. >>ep rdr >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4 today. >> it's important to the wen tilsthaebilom sody takes responsibility for wha om happened. here is one morekoo ltht ae grill left at the scene. any information is helpful. and then a group called freedom works will protest what they call a non-stop tax and
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spend agenda on capitol hill. the rally is expected to begin on thursday and end on saturday with a march from freedom plaza to the capital steps. >> it could become a commuters nightmare. coming up, one of the country's most famous bridges shut down. we will tell you what has transportation officials very worried. plus a look at how astronauts at the international
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construction crews in the san francisco area are hard at work this labor day fixing a crack in the san francisco oakland bay bridge. the bridge is closed for a fourth consecutive day today and officials hope to have it open in time for tomorrow's rush hour. the crack is in a steel link holding up part of the span. the bridge was closed thursday night for planned construction, and it was only in an inspection that the crack was discovered. obama is using labor day to spend time talking about jobs. but today is the first speech in a busy week for the president. tracy pots has that story. >> reporter: president obama joins labor leaders today to welcome the head and the jobless rate is 9.7%.
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republicans argue the health reform plan mr. obama outlined wednesday requiring everybody to buy insurance could cost millions more in jobs. >> it's complicated, convoluted, and quite simply not going to work. it's time to press the reset button. >> on "meet the press," a top white house advisor was asked if obama will compromise on the controversial publi option, government insurance. >> it should not define the whole health care debate, however. >> reporter: and president obama was set to address the nation's school students, and that rattled parents. the secretary of education says the president will encourage students to stay in school. >> the real question i have, why has it been 18 years since the president addressed our nation's youth. and more controversy. van jones quit in the middle of
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the night on saturday after statements were found that the government could have been involved in the 9/11 attacks. jones says he is a victim of a vicious smear campaign. he advised the president on green jobs. tracy pots, n news, washington. >> the trip is expted to be brief. he is due back at the white house in time for dinner. and firefighters are trying to keep the fire from spreading across the mountain highway in california. that's the only side of the fire still spreading. officials say the flames are 51% contained. investigators are still trying to figure out who started the fire. they are analyzing clues near where it started. the blaze killed two firefighters and destroyed 76 homes. it's labor day, of course, and the astronauts on the space
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shuttle "discovery" will mark this oasion by taking the day off. they could use it as well. it has been a week of nonstop work on the international space station. they head back to the kennedy space center on thursday, and already packing up their moving van, if you will. the vessel came to the space station and loaded up with supplies and will leave with trash and science experiments. >> trash and treasure, right? tom, how is it looking out there? looks like clouds are threateni threatening. >> can they barbecue in space? we do have clouds around the region on this labor day, holiday. we did get a shower overnight that produced 4/10 of an inch over at reagan national. it's showing the cloud cover over the potomac river. and the temperature right now is at 69 degrees. last night we did get a good
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shower. the september average total f fa ill s3.8 inches. we don't have any precipitation around washington. not just to the south and east as we take a look at the radar there. we a getting a few sprinkles in southern maryland. and this is an area of some steadier rain now just coming into the lower bay. this is heading off to the north, and maybe move into the metro area. perhaps in about, oh, five or six hours. between now and then, we should stay dry. so the outdoor recreation should be fine on the labor day. temperatures in the prince george's county area, and southern maryland, upper 60s. and low 70s, and a little sunshine breaking out through central virginia around the shenandoah valley. and on the eastern shore it's near 70 where they are getting a few sprinkles out of the mountains in the mid-60s. and then as we go back in time, we are watching the rain move
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inland a bit. off of the atlantic come into the southeast of virginia. way out here in the tropics, here is washington. the atlantic seaboard. we have a strong tropical wave coming off of the coast, the west coast of africa. keep an eye on that. it may turn into a tropical cyclone over the next couple days, and may become a depreson later today. look at the beach. ere is ocean city, just about five or ten minutes ago. not too many people out there. the sky is gray. a cloudy labor day there. some folks on the boardwalk, but not too many on the beach. it's a bloomy day there. meanwhile, here is what it looked like on the potomac river. i was kayaking and took this shot. r e river looking like aroir m reflecng the foilage there. and it's still a beautiful day ere,too, if you want to get out under the clouds. maybe flight delays if you are
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flying from colorado down to new mexico. if you are expecting anybody on the flight from the midwest, you might expect some delays. we have a weak area of low pressure producing all of the rain south and east of us. another weak low to the west. this is maybe drifting further north and it may give us a chance of rain by later this afternoon. as we go forward over the next 36 hours to 48 hours, there are chances of rain. and perhaps we could have a wet start as we get back to work and school on tuesday. the rest of the day ought to be cloudy, just a slight chance of passing shower throughout the rest of the day. for the afternoon, mostly cloudy. chance of showers, mainly south and east. we will have an easterly wind. overnight tonight, a likelihood of passing showers. and during the day on tuesday, wake w uep in the e inmothomgrb ine rnmog commute may be wet with all the traffic around.
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we may have a real slow commute rrrn moto m iorngtmo if nirains. and there is a d dten chance that it will. then thetest of the day, mostly cloudy in the mid-70ma shaa c ollenc af tma sha c oe showern eth afternoon. wednesday should be dry. mostly cloudy near 80. a smal c ohaenc afe passing shower osd urth.ay friday, saturday and sunday, sunshine in and out with highs near 80. that's how it looks on this labor day, between now and 6:00, we should be dry and nice. >> you must be a confident kayaker to take a camera. >> yeah. >> great shot. this is the american legion bridge. traffic is heading towards you. not much traffic heading towards you because of an emergency work zone that blocks three left lanes on the american legion bridge on the inner loop heading into maryland now.
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expect a backup as you hit tyson's corner now just to get to the american legion bridge. and volume building southbound, and hov lanes still northbound. back to you. >> volume building already. still ahead, an nfl player familiar to many in this area arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. we will have the details. a woman put on trial for wearing pants. we will have the out come of that. >> enter vention, i bring prevon trying to get his trying ittha w i>ts what is hot on
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nfl star and former turp sean marman spent the day in jail. he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend. this is him after posting bail early yesterday. the san diego chargers linebacker choked and restrained her when she tried to leave the home. there were other people at the home when it happened. the star was only trying to protect his girlfriend to make sure she made it home okay after
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a night out is what his lawyer said. it was a dog day afternoon yesterday at the national's park and baseball game. dozens of fans brought their best friends with them this weekend. that was the first ever pups in the park event. all dogs got their own seats in the left field mezzanine section, and their own section to, well -- you get the picture. it is a picture. the nationals partners with the washington humane society turning the event into an adoption event as well. >> a lot of dogs had their own seats, and they sit in their owner's laps. and coming up, we will have the details of a celebration of a girl kidnapped 18 years ago. and a sinking ferry.
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how the o quickly. and this is taking place at this moment. and meteorologist, tom kierein, will update our holiday forecast. stay with us.
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let's take a look and listen at what is happening right now at 11:30. a labor day celebration under y underway. this is the scene of the 48th annual labor day noiaicly it parksicl
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end of summer. >> and three stations are closed today. pentagon city and reagan national station and one other have shut their doors for work. ariver is recovering after his suv slammed into an apartment building in washington. it happened around 5:30 this morning in southeast on fich stet. the driver is taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. two people have been arrested after a police chase on the new jersey turnpike. they were stuck at the toll gates. this is at the toll plaza. police swarmed the car and arrested the driver and his female passenger. officers say it looked like the pair had been throwing bags of drugs out the car windows while trying to escape. now, for the latest in the jaycee dugard story. the california woman now home after a kidnapping ordeal that lasted longer than 18 years.
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no sathournds of people turned out for a celebration in dugard's town. >> pink, her favorite color. they were floating high above the town where 18 years ago jaycee disappeared, many fears forever. but now -- >> elation. i don't think in my wildest dreams we would be having this kind of parade. it's a wonderful moment. lots of joy. >> reporter: as many as 2,000 people joined in. neighbors, teachers, and jaycee's former classmates, and they all remembered how their lives changed that day. >> it really faced the community and tightened it, and hoped our eyes that it can really happen. >> reporter: local law enforcement that spent years that tried to track her down,
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there was a lesson. complacency is not an option anymore. anytime there is hope, we have to keep hope alive. >> reporter: there is garrido, the man that held her captive. he and his wife face a long list of federal charges. they picked out jaycee specifically, because she looked cute and followed her to the bus stop the following morning. >> first thing that happened was awareness. everybody within the community banned together and changed our way of life. no child was given a chance to walk alone at a bus stop or allowed to walk ale. >> reporter: shawn hornbeck, a missouri boy kidnapped back in 2002, and forced to live with
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his captor for more than four years. he predicts dugard is going through much of what he did including guilt that she did not try to escape. you are brnwashed, he told the "people" magazine, and it's as simple as that. now, phillip garrido and his wife nancy are being held on bail. and venezuela has been agreeing to import gas to iran. this comes after venezuelan president, chavez, met with mahmoud ahmadinejad, and iran supreme leader yesterday. germany's chancellor is calling for a thorough investigation as to whether civilians were killed in afghanistan. it came after telban militants
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hijacked two fuel tankers. villagers gathered to sifen off gas. the tankers were a threat because they might have been used to make suicide bombs. a woman journalists escaped a whipping for wearing pants in public. a judge convicted the woman for violating the public indecency law and fined her $200, but did not impose a 40 feared lashes for the crime. the headlines were around the world. ten other women who were arrested with hussein pleaded guilty and have already been lashed. swine flu fears are swirling on college campuses as students head back to class. with good reason, too.
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the flu overshadowed the home opener. student volunteers are helping to hand out free flu kids that include thermometers and hand sanitizers. and college students are vulnerable working and living in close quarrs washth i wash everything that i everything that i a nd a i use purell too, which i never used before. >> swine flu has hit 77 college campuses nationwide. a vaccine is not expected to be available until next month. a rapping doctor is trying to bring the news about flus. he recently performed at a train station to reach out to the public. >> some people hear about it and they go, it's going to be corny.
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the issue is when you are trying to reach teens and children, and they do not like to be preached to. >> dr. clark writes his own music, and he entered a contest with the u.s. department of health and human services and made it to the top ten. if he wins, he will win $2500 and will get to play that in public announcements. let's look at today's weather. >> let's go to tom kierein who is in storm center 4. >> your outdoorlans should be okay. later on we could get rain moving in. right now on radar, a few sprinkles right here west of fredericksburg. otherwise we don't have precipitation here. but just to the south and east right now, a few sprinkles beginning to move up into the lower part of the eastern shore, and the northern neck of virginia. the leading edge of rain that is
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heading off to the north now pulling out of southeastern virginia. elsewhere, no precipitation. temperatures are in the 60s and low 70s. they have sunshine in parts of the shenandoah valley and around the blue ridge, in the low to mid-70s there. under the clouds it's near 70 from washington to the eastern shore. out of the mountains in the mid-60s. and over the last several hours the rain advancing to the north is pushing inland coming in from the south and east and heading into the metro area perhaps in the afternoon. and an east wind picking up a little bit, and it will kick up a chop on the potomac river as well as on the bay. so the potomac and bay there is a small craft advisory for the afternoon. and then passing showers from this afternoon and all the way through the evening maybe a wet start. and tomorrow highs mid-70s.
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wednesday, partly sunny in the 70s. perhaps near 80. cooler on thursday. a small chance of a passing shower. friday, saturday, sunday looking partly sunny to highs near 80. that's the way it looks on this labor day, 2009. >> thank you, tom. >> thank you, tom. we have a final check of the midday traffic. >> and steve joins us with the traffic. >> and the one lane of traffic you see heading towards you heading over to the maryland shoreline across the american legion bridge. emergency roadwork is blocking three lanes. you can see that in the middle of the screen. the backup begins all the way back at tyson's corner. once you back the work zone the pace picks up over to the maryland shoreline. and checking springfield, on the right the traffic heading south, so far heavy but steady. no major delays heading out of town, and heading back you are okay. back to you. >> thank you, steve. >> thanks. a van carrying prisoners
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crashed killing the driver and injuring others. the van plunged off the interstate. the van's driver died at the scene. a guard and two prisoners are critically injured and six others are hospitalized. all of the victims had to be cut from the wreckage. no word yet on what csed the crash. two cargo ships are being credited with keeping a tragedy at see from becoming a catastrophe. two passing cargo ships arrived on the scene to aid in rescuing passengers less than an hour after the call went out for help. miraculously, more than 950 people survived that accident. in great falls, maryland, happily ever after got off to a rocky start with one couple. what began as a romantic hike began with a rescue caught on
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videotape. michael flynn reports. >> reporter: the victim is a woman that fell down rocks along the jagged cliffs. moments before she fell, her boyfriend popped the question. >> she was hiking on a trail with her son and fiance. and at the time he was not her fiance. he proposed on the trail. >> the almost five-mile trail winds along the potomac river in maryland. the woman's rescue was a major effort. rescue teams arrived in boats and then had to scale more than 100 feet up a rocky cliff to get to the victim because of fears of possible back or neck injuries, rescue workers decided she should be airlifted out. >> i asked how she was doing? she said she was terrified on the way up, and she was relieved that she was inside the aircraft. >> reporter: workers said she
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told them she had been walking along the cliffs with her new fiance and son when she slipped d landed on her chest and was having trouble breathing. her injuries are not life threatening and is doing well. and her husband-to-be already impressed the rescue teams. >> even though we provided medical care and treated her, he comforted her by giving her a kiss before she went up in the helicopter, so that was a good one for him. >> but were they able to save the ring? one only wonders. this serves as a reminder of how dangerous great falls can be and folks should take care when you are out by the rocks. a man in thailand lived with thousands of scorchens. he built-up an immunity.
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was that in his mouth? >> yes. >> the man used to grow insects to sell to restaurants, but now he streets scorchens as pets. he meditates with them every day to atone for selling them to restaurants. >> i am sorry that i saw that. still ahead on "news4 midday," a new search engine tailored for teenagers on the phone. plus how to get a free
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well, investors on wall street are taking a day off for labor day, but overseas they were hard at work. asian markets climbed about 1% and that investors were energized by the labor report on friday. they slashed less jobs than expected. analysts hope it's the light at the end of the tunnel. and opec is meeting ing ii vaeenna. last week opec's president says there are signs of recovery and there is no need to intervene now. oil prices have had a wild ride. they peaked at $147 a barrel the previous july.
11:46 am
in february, they plunged to $30 before they settled in where they are now, around $70 a barrel. and there is a search engine war. microsoft teamed up with yahoo! to take on the leader, google. nbc's contessa brewer, has more. >> reporter: carmel, indiana. deep in america's heartland. based in a shopping center, it answers questions texted mainly from mobile homes. >> what is the weirdest question you have had? >> how much can you grow in one year? >> reporter: it's trying to chip away at a market that markets have all but ignored, texting teens. they have part time guides, mostly college students, that make only pennies with each question they tackle.
11:47 am
>> with somebody that is there to help you. >> cha-cha and other microsearch businesses make up just a thin slice of the estimated 2 billion searches performed each day, and that's 83 million per hour. a fight attracting the eyeballs to add. for more than 150 million unique monthly visitors. >> we have to focus on making the search engine better. >> there is a verb to google something. it will take special to make people change their habits. >> reporter: now, bing already grabbed a percentage of search engines. >> we are focused on how do we create a great experience.
11:48 am
>> reporter: side by side, a marked difference. new york to paris, and bring turns into a travel agency. and it may be that who ever figures out how to do searches on the handheld devices becomes the big winner. >> last year there were a trillion messages, text messages. >> reporter: will there be a winner? probably not in the foreseeable future, and maybe that's a good thing. money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy you friends, at least of the facebook kind. an australian market company is willing to sell you up to 5,000 facebook friends, and you have to fork over $200 to $700.
11:49 am
the company is called u-social. it's designed primarily for businesses and celebrities but also available for people like the rest of us. facebook says it's looking into it. cheering on your favorite team never tasted quite so good. show up at any chick-fil-a wearing a sports shirt today and you can get a sandwich for free. they started handing them at at 10:30 this mornin we are always looking for he m tlyngarnior theinay e murornily hours. if you know somebodik lhoe etha e-mail their story and a clear cle-up picture to morning person a cw asnbcohin. atom,ndhi ig may tell their story n othrende air.e
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the final destination with once again the top destination for moviegoers. the thriller raked in $12.4 million at the box office this weekend. it was number one in last week's debut. despite critics lashing critics "all about steve" debut, is in second place this weekend.
11:53 am
jay leno returns to television a week from tonight. it debuts at0:00 next monday nigh and mark sat down with jay to find out what is behind his move to primetime. >> when jay leno took over "the tonight show" in 1992, he knew it would not be forever. >> they said at some point they will ask you to leave at some point while the show is still hot. >> reporter: that's why back in 2004, nbc lined up conan o'brien to takeover this year. but as that move drew closer, leno realized he was not ready to stop doing a show. >> there still seems to be time left here. and i thought what else is out there. >> reporter: with nbc committed to conan, other networks were prepared to give leno a new show. >> i did not want to go to another network, because that's
11:54 am
orceived like you are going against your old boss, and when you are with somebody as long as i was, a network, it' like a marriage. >> reporter: it could cost much less than the recent 10:00 shows. >> all i have to do is do better than "lipstick jungle." >> reporter: nbc's hoping more laughs gets the last laugh in the competition. jerry seinfeld will be jay's next guest. and rihanna and jay-z will also perform on the first show. a final check of today's forecast coming up. >> let's go to tom kierein who is in storm center 4. we had a cloudy start to the labor day. good morning. at we approach noontime, still
11:55 am
no rain around. and however, further to the south and east, we have had a few light sprinkles showing up on the eastern shore. and there is steadier rain that may move up towards washington by late this afternoon and perhaps into the evening. between now and then we should stay dry. all around the region now, we have the cloud cover in place and the temperatures are hovering near 70 under the clouds. where the sunshine has broken out around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley, they climbed into the mid-70s at this hour. as we look off to the east, it's near 70 on the eastern shore and at the beaches. it's a cool day with an east wind. and that east wind also will, perhaps, kick up enough of a chop for a small craft advisory to remain in effect for the rest of the day along with the potomac river and along the bay. meanwhile out in the mountains,
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it's in the mid-60s at this hour. over the last six hours we watched two weather systems, one to the west that will pass west of us. the other one is a more potent pressure. this low pressure forming along the front is beginning to push the rain further inland and the area of rain may head up towards the metro area late afternoon or evening. and maybe a few breaks and sunshine coming out, and there is a likelihood of showers by sunset. temperatures before then, though, should make it in the 70s all around the region, and an east wind from 5 to 15 will be stronger on the potomac and on the bay. and passing showers are possible. otherwise a cloudy evening will be in the 60s. and sunrise tomorrow, back to work and school, 6:43. maybe a passing shower as we
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start off tomorrow and through the rest of the day on tuesday, mostly cloudy. highs in the mid-70s. there is a small chance of an afternoon shower tomorrow. on wednesday, partly sunny with highs near 80. on thursday, partly sunny again, small chance of a passing shower and a bit cooler. friday, saturday and sunday into next weekend, partly sunny. highs 70s to near 80. morning lows in the 60s. we'll see y sl you tomorrow morning as everybody gets back to work and school. we start at 6:55. kimberly and joe? >> did you have to remind us? >> thanks, tom. the washington area may never get to host the olympics, but we have the scottish games. and athletes competed in the number of traditional scottish competitions like the cap toss. that contest, by the way, is not judged on how far or high the log is thrown, but on how perfectly it lands. a scottish party would not be
11:58 am
complete without the bagpipes. >> let's hope they don't throw the bagpipers. >> is that one of the games that we are used to seeing? >> i don't think so. that's 450 -- news4 midday. thank you for joining us. >> until then, have a wonderful labor day. we'll see you tomorrow. bye.
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